Musical World w/ Claudio Constantini

Musical World w/ Claudio Constantini

In this episode, we had the privilege of hosting a pre-recorded session featuring the remarkable Claudio Constantini, a globally renowned multi-instrumentalist celebrated for his extraordinary talents as both a pianist and a bandoneonist.

Claudio shared his fascinating journey from his upbringing in Peru, surrounded by a family deeply rooted in music, to discovering his passion for piano during his teenage years. His transition to becoming a bandoneonist, sparked by serendipity while living in Rome, added another layer to his magical musical journey. He also discussed his unexpected foray into mastering the bandoneon. He revealed insights into his mentors and learning experiences along the way.

He emphasized the importance of learning through immersion and collaboration, drawing from his experiences playing with seasoned musicians and absorbing their techniques. It’s a method he found invaluable in honing his skills on both piano and bandoneon. Providing a fascinating insight into his beloved instrument, Claudio shared about the mechanics and capabilities of the bandoneon. He demonstrated its unique sound and versatility, highlighting its ability to create expressive melodies not possible on the piano.

Claudio shared stories from his extensive touring career spanning over 30 countries. He discussed his motivations for reaching diverse audiences and shared some exciting details about his ongoing projects aimed at expanding his musical reach. With a keen eye on the future, Claudio stressed the importance of embracing technology in the ever-changing music industry. He shared his experiences leveraging social media platforms like Instagram to connect with millions of followers and engage with fans worldwide.

Offering candid advice, Claudio discussed the evolving landscape of music and the diverse paths available to aspiring musicians. He encouraged openness to new technologies and practices. At the same time, he underscored the distinction between pursuing music as a hobby and a profession.

It was an inspiring session, and his wisdom provided plenty of food for thought. Claudio's reflections on creativity, perseverance, and the pursuit of artistic excellence left a lasting impression on all of us.

Here’s a little bit about our guest Claudio Constantini:

Renowned worldwide as a Concert Pianist, Bandoneonist, and Composer, Claudio Constantini's journey through music has been nothing short of extraordinary. Having graced stages in over 30 countries, his performances have garnered him accolades aplenty, including the prestigious Global Music Award in 2021 and a Latin Grammy nomination in 2019.

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