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Here's a bit about who makes this podcast possible:

Piano Technicians Masterclasses

Piano Tech Radio Hour is Presented by Piano Technicians Masterclasses, an online educational resource that offers you Cutting Edge Instruction From Piano Industry Masters Without Leaving Your Home. To access a full library of great educational content visit: https://www.pianotechniciansmasterclass.com


Eathan Janney:

Eathan Janney is CEO of Piano Technicians Masterclasses and co-host of Piano Tech Radio Hour. He's been in the piano industry as a technician since 2000 during his university musical education. Through the years he's added lots of tech science and media skills to his toolkit, allowing him to foster new opportunities in education for the piano industry. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Rutgers University in NJ and Ph.D. in neuroscience from The City University of New York. 

David Andersen:

David Andersen, owner of David Andersen pianos in Los Angeles has been a professional musician, recording artist, and piano technician/consultant for nearly four decades. He has overseen the restoration and maintenance of hundreds of Steinway and Mason & Hamlin pianos during that time. Beginning in 1975 he apprenticed for two and a half years under Jack Cofer in Atlanta, Georgia; during the 1980s he studied at Steinway facilities both in New York and London.

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