The Unique History and Vision of Klavins Pianos w/ David Klavins

The Unique History and Vision of Klavins Pianos w/ David Klavins

Discover the captivating world of Klavins Pianos in this episode as we delve into the history and innovative vision of piano designer and builder, David Klavins.

Originally specializing in restoring vintage pianos, David Klavins embarked on a profound exploration of the intricate acoustic principles that shape piano tonality. This pursuit led him to create his own avant-garde grand pianos, each bearing a distinct Klavins signature. Join us as David shares the intriguing story behind Klavins Pianos, offering insights into their evolution and significance.

Unlike traditional pianos, Klavins instruments boast a remarkable distinction – towering structures that beckon players to ascend staircases before unveiling their unique melodies. David Klavins stands at the intersection of extremes within the piano world, from crafting the delicate whispers of the smallest and softest pianos to harnessing the thunderous might of those with unparalleled sound projection.

In this episode, David articulates his vision for crafting these extraordinary pianos: "I believe that a piano's voice should project directly to the audience, rather than being absorbed by the floor and lid.” His ingenious concept involves expanding the soundboard, employing longer and finer strings to produce a crystalline bass resonance. By orienting his pianos vertically, rather than horizontally, David elevates the instrument's dynamic range to astonishing heights.

Delve into the fascinating narrative of Klavins Pianos as David elaborates on the rationale behind the exposed string design, the art of determining key lengths, and the meticulous craftsmanship integral to his pianos' construction. Whether you're a seasoned pianist, an avid music enthusiast, or a curious mind, this episode promises novel insights into the realm of innovative piano design.

Tune in to this captivating session and embark on a sonic journey with David Klavins as he unveils the secrets and stories behind his revolutionary Klavins Pianos.

Here’s a little bit about our guest David Klavins:

David Klavins accomplished his degree as a master piano builder in January 1980, in Stuttgart, Germany, after having founded his first piano company in 1976 in Bonn, Germany. While initially specializing in the rebuilding of old pianos, in the course of his work he was studying the factors that mainly determine the acoustic characteristics of a piano. 

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David Andersen
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Eathan Janney
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