Oliver Esmonde-White

With over five decades dedicated to perfecting the art of piano technology, Oliver stands as a true maestro in the field. As the last Canadian to study at the prestigious Baldwin factory and the first North American attendee of the Yamaha Piano Technical Academy in 1986, his journey is legendary.   Having played a pivotal role as a rebuilder and concert technician, Oliver's fingerprints can be found on thousands of recordings, audio productions, and televised performances. His tireless commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence has earned his shop the accolade of the most modern in Canada, according to Yamaha Canada.

Appears in 1 Episode

Piano Horizons w/ Oliver Esmonde-White

Piano Horizons w/ Oliver Esmonde-White

This PTRH session features the remarkable Oliver Esmonde-White with guest appearances by the insightful Wayne Ferguson. They're two of Canada's finest piano pros. The ...

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