Alan Eder

Registered Piano Technician Alan Eder has been the full-time piano tech for the Herb Alpert School of Music at the California Institute of the Arts for 38 years. He has trained with such luminaries of our field as Keith Hardesty and Richard Davenport, RPT, and with Yamaha and Steinway. In turn, Alan has trained many accomplished piano technicians enjoying successful careers as field technicians and working for music schools, piano dealers, and manufacturers. Under the auspices of the Piano Technicians Guild, Alan has taught numerous classes at chapter meetings and regional and national conventions, alone and in collaboration with others. Alan has been a featured guest on Piano Tech Radio Hour, along with pianist Danny Holt, and has been involved in the production of several piano-centric videos, including "Non-Traditional Piano Use," "American Grand" (Amazon Prime), "A Glimpse Into Montal's Paris" (Youtube) and "Piano Rap" (Youtube).

Appears in 1 Episode

Through The Eyes Of A Pianist w/ Alan Eder and Danny Holt

Through The Eyes Of A Pianist w/ Alan Eder and Danny Holt

A competent pianist should understand the Tuning, Touch, and Tone circle. Knowing these basics can help them be intentional about the sounds they want to create.Our gu...

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