Secrets of the Cybertuner w/ The PTRH Community

Secrets of the Cybertuner w/ The PTRH Community

In today’s episode, Eathan talks about the PTM Convention and some of the instructors like Carl Lieberman give us a preview of their lecture at the convention. Carl’s lecture will be on cyber tuner, its AI feature, and why we should all care about it. Cybertuner also makes Pure12th tuning and Carl shares his take on it. ‘Pure’ might sometimes seem unachievable but Carl suggests that the 12th should be close to pure to preserve other intervals. 

In this episode, we also take on questions from the participants about tuning orally or with a device. Eathan says “both”, and talks about the different tuning software and the process of creating a bespoke service. He also gives tips on how to crack the tuning exam by using the cyber tuner exam mode which gives you an objective third-party reference. 

Tune into this lecture to learn about the different tips and tricks from Eathan and Carl about the cyber tuner, tuning exam, and how to train your brain and body to recognize sound change. 


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Eathan Janney
Eathan Janney
Eathan has 20 years of experience as a piano technician. He studied with Dave Miller, the staff piano technician for the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Dave Carpenter, the inventor of the Verituner electronic tuning device, provided mentorship for Eathan in Chicago. Eathan also worked with Ken Eschete and Bill Schwarts, the staff piano technicians at Northwestern University in Chicago. In 2009, he founded Floating Piano Factory of New York, a company that allows piano technicians to move from Apprentice to Craftsman level while offering value pricing to clients as technicians progress toward mastery. In 2017 he founded Piano Technicians Masterclasses, an online project designed to offer cutting-edge instruction from piano industry masters to anyone on the globe with an internet connection.
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