Latin Classical Evangelism w/ Kristhyan Benitez

Latin Classical Evangelism w/ Kristhyan Benitez

In this podcast episode, we are joined by the talented Kristhyan Benitez, a Venezuelan classical pianist and 2021 Latin Grammy winner for Best Classical Album. He discusses his musical journey that started at age four when he chose the piano over the guitar and fell in love with its sound.

Kristhyan has performed on prestigious stages worldwide and is recognized as a Steinway artist. His multicultural background influences his music, incorporating traditional Latin American elements into his classical repertoire.

He shares an enchanting performance of "Danza de los Ñáñigos" by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona, reflecting the spirt of Carnival.

An intriguing part of our conversation revolves around his piano named 'Sinatra,' a historical Stanway from 1917 with a rich legacy previously played by icons like Frank Sinatra and Leonard Bernstein. Kristhyan recounts how he unexpectedly became its owner during the pandemic after it was bequeathed to him by Victor, a generous benefactor whose posthumous will was to grant his piano to a developing artist.

Beyond performing, Kristhyan emphasizes teaching and philanthropy as integral parts of his life. He believes in nurturing future generations through education and supports musicians in Venezuela amidst national challenges. For him, impacting lives through music is more fulfilling than seeking fame.

The freelance musician lifestyle post-pandemic comes with complexities requiring adaptability and continuous practice akin to athletic training. Collaboration across genres enriches artists' experiences according to Kristhyan who also introduces Benitez—a new project blending acoustic heritage with modern sounds and transcending genre restrictions.

Our host and guest share about their mutual philosophical connections to producer Rick Rubin. Rick is a renowned producer who guides artists towards their musical essence rather than chasing popularity or trends—an approach focused on authenticity over applause that often results in lasting popularity through oblique means.

As we wrap up this insightful session that delved into personal stories, creative philosophies, charity work, industry challenges—and even touched upon celestial connections—we invite listeners to explore Kristhyan's work online under Christian Benitez on streaming platforms and @kristhyan on Instagram for updates on his artistic endeavors until we meet again for another melodious exchange.

About Kristhyan Benitez:

Kristhyan is a classical music pianist who won the Latin Grammy 2021 for "Best Classical Music" album. He focuses not only on playing the more traditional classical canon, but also the music of his home country of Venezuela, including its classical music and its rich, vast and diverse tradition of folk and popular music, as a result  of “MESTIZAJE” people (mixed race: Spanish, Indigenous and African). He has appeared at some of the world’s most prestigious stages such as Philarmonie Hall (Berlin), Davies Symphony Hall (San Francisco), and Lincoln Center (New York), with performances throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the United States.


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